Online Payment Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all payments made using our Online Payment facility. Please note that where any of these terms conflict with the terms and conditions of your loan/hire agreement with us, the latter takes precedent.

Acceptable Card Types

We accept the following method of payment via the online payment facility:


Online payments can be made using the cards specified above and will be made only in GBP i.e. UK Pound Sterling.

No charge will be made by us for using this online payment facility.

Your payment will normally reach your account to which you are making a payment within 2 working days. If making a contractual monthly payment to your account and that payment is overdue, we recommend that you contact us to let us know that you have made a payment.

Card payments are not protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Online Payment Service Provider

Payment made using our on-line service are not processed by us directly, but by the Service Provider. When using our online payment system you will be redirected to the Service Provider who will process your payment card details and payment. Payment card details are handled exclusively by the Service Provider and are not stored within our systems.

During the payment process you will be required to enter your 3 digit security code and you may be asked for further card authentication by your Card Issuer.

We will take payment from your card once you have submitted your details and the transaction is approved.

Confirmation of Payment

You will receive a confirmation of your payment on your screen after you make the payment. You can print this out as confirmation by selecting your normal method of printing information shown on your screen. In the event that your payment is refused or declined you should contact your Card Issuer. If your payment was accepted but you do not receive confirmation or there is some other issue in relation to your online payment (other than it being refused or declined) it is your responsibility to contact us (not the Service Provider) to query why the payment has not been accepted.

Data Protection & Privacy Statement

UTB takes its Data Protection responsibilities seriously and we are committed to using the personal data we hold in accordance with the law. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Notice

Disclaimer of Liability

We have no liability for any payment not reaching the correct account due to you providing incorrect information.

We have no liability where payment is refused or declined by the Card Issuer for any reason.

We have no liability for any fraud that has taken place on your Card as a result of using this on-line service.

Applicable Laws and Terms of Use

For further information, please refer to